Çocuklara Yabancı Dil Öğretimi Ders Notları (Almanca)

Çocuklara yabancı dil öğretimi ders notları için sayfamıza geldiniz. Bu arada bu dersin notları Almanca dili için geçerlidir. Yani İngilizce okuyan birinin işine yaraması için tercüme etmesi gerekir. Almanca Öğretmenliği okuyan arkadaşların işine yarayacaktır.

Was ist eine alternative Methode?
Alternative Methoden sind die herkömmlichen Methoden wie zum Beispiel GÜM.
– Grammatik und Vokabel (Wortschatz) sind schwerpunktmäßig
– Lehrerzentriert (nach Plan und Programm)
– schrittweise Steigerung des Themas
– Lernniveau ist nach dem durchschnittlichen Lernen bestimmt
– gesteuerter Unterricht
– knapp bemessene Unterrichtszeit…

Çocuklara Yabancı Dil Öğretimi Ders Notları ekte belirtilmiştir. Hem vize hem de final konuları mevcuttur. İyi çalışmalar dilerim. Notlar Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi Almanca Öğretmenliği bölümü notlarıdır. İstekleriniz olursa buradan yorum kısmıyla iletişime geçmeniz yeterli olacaktır.

Çocuklara Yabancı Dil Öğretimi Ders Notları

cocuklara-yabanci-dil-ogretimi final

Biyoloji Fotosentez ve Kemosentez Ders Notları

Biyoloji fotosentez ve kemosentez dersinin notları için alttaki yazıya tıklamanız yeterli olacaktır. Ardından yeni sekmede görüntülemeniz, indirmeniz veya okumanız isteğiniz doğrultusunda gerçekleşecektir.

Biyoloji Fotosentez ve Kemosentez Ders Notları

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İngilizce Deyimler

İngilizce okuyan, okumak isteyen ve okutan kişiler için deyimlerin yeri ayrıdır. Normalde İngilizler veya Amerikalılar günlük hayatlarında deyimleri çok kullanmazlar ancak akademik sohbetlerde veya filmlerde yer aldığını görürsünüz. Dizileri de buna dahil edebiliriz. Şimdi deyimlere geçelim. Bu arada anlamlarını da yazdık. Ancak bu anlamlar yine İngilizce olarak yazıldı. Bir nevi sözlük gibi düşünebilirsiniz.

Türkçe anlamlarını soranlar olacaktır illa ki, yorum kısmından yazın hemen cevaplayalım.

CALL OFF:Cancel an event.
The football match was called off because of the bad weather.
CALL BACK:Telephone again later.
Thank you for ringing. I’ll call you back as soon as I have the information that you want.
CALL UP:Ring up, telephone.
Alper called up me to learn the date of the exams.
Men over eighteen years of age were called up the fight the enemy in the war.
CALL BY:To make a short visit to a place or person.
I’ll call by to pick up the book on my way to work.
CALL FOR:Require, demand.
The situation calls for tact.
You have got the job!This calls for a celebration.
CARE FOR:To look after sb.
Who cared for her while she was ill.?
CARRY OFF:To succeed in doing sth difficult.
He felt nervous before he started his speech but he carried it off very well.
CARRY ON:To continue, do not stop.
How long id the party carry on after I left?
She intends to carry on studying after the course has finished.
I hope you will carry on doing these exercises.
CARRY ON WITH+NOUN is used similarly.
The doctor told her to carry on with the treatment.
I’m too tired to carry on with this tonight.
CARRY OUT: Perform (duties), obey (orders, instructions), fulfil (therats), execute.
Soldiers must carry out their orders.
It will be difficult, but we shall carry out your instructions.
He read the instructions, but he didn’t carry them out.
CARRY OVER:Transfer ( to the next page).
Take the last figure on this page and carry it over to the top of the next page.
CATCH UP:Reache, come abreas of / overtake, but not pass.
They’ve just left. If you hurry, you’ll catch them up.
I started last in the race but I soon caught up with the others.
You’ve missed whole term; you’ll have to work hard to cath up with the rest of the class.
CLEAN (STH ) UP:1-)To remove all the dirt from a place that is paricularly dirty.
I’m going to clean up the kitchen before mum and dad get back.
2-) To remove sth that has just been spilled.
Oh no!!! You’ve spilled coffee on the new carpet! Can you clean it up?
CLEAN (STH) OUT:To clean the inside of sth thoroughly.
I’m going to clean out all the kitchen cupboards next week.
CLEAR AWAY:1-)Remove articles, usually in order to make space.
Could you clear away these papers.
The clouds soon cleared away and it became quite warm.
CLEAR OFF(INFORMAL):(Used especially as an order)To go away.
”Clear off.” Shouted the farmer, “you’re on my land.”
CLEAR(STH)OUT:To tidy sth and throw away things that you don’t want.
I really must clear out the kitchen cupboards.
CLEAR UP:1-) Become fine after clouds or rain.
The sky looks a bit clody now but I think it will clear up.
2-)Make tidy and clean.
Don’t warn me! I’ll clear up my room.
3-)Solve(a mystery).
I have some letters which I must clear up before I leave tonight.
CLOSE(STH)DOWN:To stop all business or work permanently, at a shop or factory.
The factory has had to close down because of the recession.
Health inspectors have closed the restaurant down.
CLOSE IN(ON SB\STH):To come nearer and gradually surround sb\sth, especially in order to attack.
The army is closing in on the enemy troops.
As the mist was closing in we decided to stay where we were.
CLOSE UP:Come nearer together(of people in a line).
COME ABOUT:To happen.
How did this situation come about?
COME ACROSS/UPON:Find by chance, meet by chance.
I came across this book in a secondary shop.
When I was looking for my password, I came across these old photograps.
COME ACROSS/OVER:To make an impression of a particular type.
Alper comes across as being rather shy.
COME BACK:1-)To return.
I don’t know what time I’ll be coming back.
2-)To become popular or fashionable again.
Flard trowers are coming back again.
COME BACK(TO SB):To be remembered.
When I went to England again, my English started to come back.
COME BEFORE SB/STH:To be more important than sb/ath else.
Göksar feels his family comes before his career.
COME BETWEEN SB/STH:To damage the relationship between two people.
Arguements over money came between Alper and Mustafa.
COME BY STH:,To get sth.
Fresh vegetables are hatd to come by in the winter.
COME ALONG:To arrive or appear.
An old man was coming along the road.
COME APART:To break into pieces.
This old coat is coming apart at the seams.
COME AWAY(FROM STH):To become loose or unfastened.
The cover of the book is coming away.
COME AWAY WITH STH:To leave a place with a particular opinion or feeling.
We came away with a very favourable impression of O.D.T.Ü.
COME DOWN:1-)To fall down.
The power lines came down in the storm.
2-)To land.(for a plane…etc…)
The helicopter came down in a field.
3-)To become lower.
The price of land has come down in the past year.
To have as the main feature or most important fact.
It all comes down to having the right qualifications.
COME DOWN TO STH:To reach down a particular point.
Her hair comes down to her waist.
COME DOWN WITH STH:To become ill with sth.
I think I’m coming down with flu.
COME FORWARD:To offer help.
The police asked witnesses to come forward.
Someone knocked at my door and I said, “come in”.
COME OFF:1-)Succeed, of a plan or scheme(used in negative).
I’m afraid that scheme of yours won’t come off.It needs more capital than you have avaible.
2-)Take place; happen as arranged.
When is the weeding coming off?
COME OUT:1-)Be revealed, exposed.
They decided eveybody till they quarrelled among themselves; then one
publicly denounced the others and the whole truth came out.
2-)Be published(of books).
Her new novel will be coming out in time.
3-)Disappear(of stains).
Tomato stains don’t usually come out.
COME ROUND:1-)Finally accept a previously opposed suggestion.
Her father at first refused to let her study abroad but he came round in the end.
2-)Come to home.
I’ll come round after dinner and tell you the plan.
COME UP:1-)To appear above the soil.
2-)To rise.
3-)To be about to happen in the future.
I have an important meeting coming up next week.
4-)To be discussed.
The subject of religion came up.
The question of the caretaker’s wages came up at the last meeting.
CROP UP:Appear, arrive unexpectedly or by accident.
Some problems have cropped up that we weren’t expecting.
CUT DOWN:1-)To make sth fall down by cutting it.
If you cut down all the trees, you will ruin the land.
2-)Reduse in size or amount.
CUT ACROSS STH:To go beyond the limits of.
The qıestion of aid for the eartquake victims cuts across national boundaries.
CUT IN:Slip into traffic line ahead of another car when there isn’t room to do this safely.
Traffic accidents are often caused by drivers cutting in.
CUT SB\STH OFF:To stop the supply of sth to sb.
If you don’t pay your gas bill, they’ll cut you off.
CUT SB OFF:To stop or interrupt sb’s telephone conversations.
We were cut off before I could give her my message.
CUT OUT:1-)To remove sth or to form sth into a particular shape by cutting.
She cuts out a dress from a piece of cloth.
2-)(informal)(often in orders)To stop saying or doing sth.
Cut that out and leave me alone!
CUT STH UP:To cut sth into small pieces with a knife, etc…
DIE AWAY:To slowly become weaker before stopping or disappearing.
The sound of the engine died away as the car drove into the distance.
They waited till the sound of the guard’s footsteps died away.
DIE DOWN:To slowly become less strong.
The building burnt fiercely all night but slowly the flames died down towards morning.
DIE OUT:Become extinct.
Elephants and eagles would die out if men could shoot as many as they wished.
The use of horses on farms has almost died out in this country.
DO AWAY WITH:Abolish. To get rid of sth.
Most European countries have done away with their roval families.
The government should do away with the regulations restricting drinking hours.
They have done away with trams in Ankara.
DO UP:Fasten, button, zip, tie, redecorate.
Do up your overcoat!
When I do this room up. I’ll paint the walls cream.
DO WITHOUT:To manage without having sth.
If there isn’t any coffee left, we’ll just let have to do without.
We had to do without petrol during he fuel crisis.
You must do without my help tomarrow as I won’t be here.
DO WITH:(often with could)
I could do without a drink.
DRAW BACK:Retire, recoil.
It’s too late to draw back now; the plas are all made.
DRAW UP:To drive up and stop in front of near sth.
A police car drew up outside the building.
The car drew up at the kerb and the driver got out.
The days become shorter as winter draws on.
DROP IN:Pay a short, very informal visit/ to visit somebody informally or without having told them you were coming.
We were in the area so we thought we’d drop in and see you.
Drop in for a cup of tea and a chat one day.
I’ll drop in to see you, one day next week.
DROP OUT(INFORMAL):Withdraw/ retire from a scheme or plan of the race.
One of the runners hurt his leg and dropped out of the race.
His injury forced him to drop out of the competition.
DROP OFF(INFORMAL):Become less, decrease/ to fall into a light sleep.
Alper and Onur must have dropped off in front of the monitor of the computer.
They were very keen on television at first but their interest has dropped off lately.
ENTER FOR:Become a competitor/condidate.
Two millions people have entered for the university.
ENTER INTO STH:To start to think or talk about sth.
I don’t want to enter into details now.
FADE AWAY:To disppear slowly.
The cheering of the crowd faded away.
The smile faded away from his face.
FALL APART:To break into pieces.
My uncle’s car falled apart.
FALL BEHIND:Slip into the near through inability to keep up with the others, fall to keep up an agreed rate of payments.
He fell behind with his rent and the landlord began to become impatient
FALL IN WITH:Meet by chance.
Yesterday, I fell in with a man who was at school with my father.
Let’s not fall out over such a little thing.
FALL ON:Attack violently.
The starving men fell on the food.
BE FED UP WITH:Be completely bored.
I’m fed up with the cold weather.
I’m fed up with wathing TV.
FILL STH IN:To complate a form, etc…by writing information on it.
The secretary asked:”Could you fill in the application, please?”
FILL STH UP:To become or to make sth completely full.
There weren’t many people at first, but then the room filled up.
FIND OUT:To get some information by asking or studying.
Have you found out how much the tickets cost?
FIND SB OUT:To discover that sb has done sth wrong.
He used a false name for years before they found him out.
The cat pounced and finished off the mouse.
He was losing his job that really finished him off.
FISH FOR STH:To Try to get sth you want in an indirecgt way.
FIT SB\STH IN:To find time to see sb or to do sth.
The doctor managed to fit me in this morning.
You’re tired because you’re trying to fit too much into one day.
FIX SB UP:(informal)To arrange for sb to have sth.
I can fix you up with a job, a car, a place tostay, etc…
FIZZLE OUT:To end in a weak or disappointing way.
The game started well but it fizzled out in the second half.
FLARE UP:1-)(USED ABOUT A FIRE)To suddenly burn more fiercely.
2-)(used about violence, anger, a person’s temper, etc…)To start suddenly or become worse.
FLASH BACK:To return suddenly to a time in the past.
Sth he said made my mind flash back to my childhood.
FLOOD IN:To arrive in large numbers.
Entries for the competition have been flooding in.
FOIST STH ON:To force sb to accept sth that he\she doesn’t want.
FOLLOW STH THROUGH:To continue doing sth until it’s finished.
FOOL ABOUT/AROUND:To behave in a silly way.
Stop fooling around with that knife or someone will get hurt!
FORGE AHEAD:To go forward very quickly; to move into the leading position.
The cleverest pupils should be allowed to forge ahead. FRESHEN UP:To make sth cleaner.
FROST OVER/UP:To become covered with frast.
The window has frosted over.
FROWN ON/UPON STH:To think that is not good; to disapprove.
Smoking is very much frowned upon these days.
GAIN IN STH:To get more of sth.
He’s gained in confidence in the past year.
GANG UP ON SB:To join together with other people in order to act againist sb.
She felt that all har friends were ganging up on her.
GEAR STH TO:To make sth suitable for a particular purpose.
There is a special course geared towards the older learner.
GET ABOUT/AROUND:To move or travel to many places.
The U.S.A. this week, Japan next week, you certainly get around.
GET STH ACROSS:To succeed in making people understand sth.
The party failed to get its policies across to the voters.
GET AWAY:To succeed in leaving or escaping from sb or a place.
He kept talking to me and I couldn’t get away from him.
The thieves got away in a stolen car.
GET AWAY WITH STH/WITH DOING STH :To do sth bad and not be punished for it.
He lied but he got away with it.
I don’t know how they get away with charging such high prices.
GET BACK:To return to the place where you live or work.
When did you get back from Ankara?
GET BACK TO SB:To speak to, write to or phone sb later, especially in order to give an answer or deal with sth.
I’ll get back to you when I’ve got some more information.
GET BEHIND(WITH STH):To fail to do or produce sth on time.
We got behind with our rent.
GET SB DOWN:To make sb miserable.
These cold winter days get me down.
GET STH DOWN:To make a note of sth, to write sth down.
Did you get the address for the competition down.
GET IN:To reach a place.
What time does your train get in?
GET STH IN:To manage to find an opportunity to say or do sth.
He talked all the time and I couldn’t get a word in.
GET OFF:Be acquitted or receive no punishment.
The boy had to appear before a magistrate but he got off as it was his first offence.
GET ON:1-)To progress or become succesful in life, in a career, etc…
After leaving the university, my causing was determinated to get on.
2-)To be getting old.
He’s getting on, he’s over 60.
3-)To be getting late.
Time is getting old.
GET ON/ALONG:1-)To make progress.
How are you getting on in your course?
2-)To perform in a particular way or to have a good or bad experience in a particular situation.
How did you get on at your interview?
GET ON/ONTO STH:To climb onto sth.
I couldn’t get onto the bus, because it was full.

GET ON FOR:To approach a certain time or age.
I’m not sure how old he is but he must be getting on for 50.
GET OUT:Escape from, leave.
My grandmother is very old, so she doesn’t get out of the house much.
GET OVER STH:1-)To overcome a problem.
We’ll have to get over the problem of finding somewhere to live first.
2-)To recover from sth unpleasant, or from an illness.
He still hasn’t got over his wife’s death.
It took her a long time to get over her operation.
I can’t get over how rude he was.
GET UP:Organize, arrange.
They got up a concert in aid of concert research.
GET UP:Rise from bed.
I get up at seven o’clock every morning.
GIVE SB AWAY:To go with the bride into the church and officially give
her to the bridegroom during the marriage ceremony. Her father gave her away.
GIVE BACK:Restore a thing to its owner.
I must call at the library to give back this book.
GIVE IN:Admit defaat, yield.
Everyone said I was wrong so I gave in to their options.
The problem was too difficult for me. I had to give in.
GIVE UP:Cease, stop.
My father gave up cigarettes six months ago.
It’s hard to give up and old habbit.
GIVE UP:Surrender, abandon.
The wanted man gave himself up tp the police.
Our old house was too far away from town, so we gave up living in it.
GIVE OFF:Exude(of smells)
The liquid in the bottle game off a strong smell of almonds.
When water is heated, it gives off stream.
GIVE OUT:Become exhausted.
The gold in the mine gave out evebtually.
He struggled againist the bear until his strength gave out.
GIVE OUT:Distribute.
At the new hospital, they give out free medicine to everbody.
A boy stood at the door giving out programmes to the visitors.
GLANCE OFF(STH):To hit sb at an angle and move off again in another direction.
The ball glanced off the goalpost and into the net.
GLAZE OVER:(used about the eyes)To show no interest or expression.
GLORY IN STH:To take pleasure or pride in sth.
He gloried in his sporting success.
GO AGAINIST STH:To be opposed to or opposite to sth/not to be in agreement with sth.
It goes againist my principles to use violence.
GO AHEAD:Proceed, continue.
You go ahead and I’ll follow; I’m not quite ready.
GO AWAY:1-)To leave the place where you live for a period of time of at least one night.
We’re going away this weekend and we’ll be back on Sunday evening.
2-)To disappear.
I’ve tried to remove the stain in the carpet, but it won’t go away.
GO BACK:Return, retire, retreat.
I’m never going back to that hotel. It’s the most uncomfortable.
GO DOWN:1-)(used about a ship, etc…)To sink.
2-)(used about the sun)To disappear from the sky.
3-)To become later in price, level, etc…; to fall.
The price of these computers has gone down in the last years.
The number of people out of work went down last month.
GO DOWN WITH STH:To catch an illness; to become ill with sth.
Ten of our staf have gone down with flu.
GO FOR SB:To attack somebody.
The cat went for the dog and chased it out of the hall.
GO FOR SB/STH:To be true for a particular person or thing.
We’ve got financial problems but I suppose the same goes for a great many people.
GO IN:1-)Enter.
2-)(used about the sun)To disappear behind a cloud.
GO OFF:Explode(by itself), fire(by itself)like a gun.
A bomb has gone off in the city center.
GO OFF:Become stale, begin to root.
This egg has gone off.
GO OFF:To make a sudden loud noise.
I woke up when my alarm clock went off.
GO ON:Cease, continue.
Please go on with your game.
This is a difficult problem but it won’t go on forever.
GO OUT:Stop shining, stop burning.
The fire has gone out and I’m cold.
We saw a sudden flash and the lights went out.
GO OUT:Leave the house.
Mum!I’m going out.
GO OVER STH:To look at, think about or discuss sth carefully from beginning to end.
Go over your work before you hand it in.
Will there be enough wine to go round?
2-)Go to his/her…etc…house.
I said that I’d go round and see her during the weekend.
GO THROUGH:To be completed succesfully.
The deal went through as agreed.
GO THROUGH WITH STH:To do sth unpleasant or difficult that you have decided, agreed or threatened to do.
Do you think she’ll go through with her threat to leave him?
GO TOWARDS STH:To be used as part of the payment for sth.
The money, I was given for my birthday went towards my new bike.
GO UNDER:1-)To sink below the surface of water.
2-)(informal)(used about a company)To go out of business.
A lot of firms are going under in the recession.
GO UP:1-)To start burning suddenly and strongly.
The car crashed into a wall and went up in flames.
2-)To become higher in price, level, amount, etc…
Petrol has gone up again.
The birth rate has gone up by 10%
GO WITHOUT STH:To manage without having sth.
They went without sleep many nighs when the baby was ill.
GRASP AT STH:To try to seize or grasp sth.
He grasped at the swinging rope, but missed.
GROW INTO STH:1-)To become.
She has grown into a very attractive child.
2-)To become big enough to fit clothes, etc…
The coat is too big for him, but he will soon grow into it.
GROW UP:To become mature or adult.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
GROW OUT OF:Abandon, on becoming older, a childish habit.
He used to tell a lot of lies as a young boy but he grew out of that letter on.
GUARD AGAINIST STH:To try to prevent sth or stop sth happening.
A good diet helps to guard againist disease.

GUN SB DOWN:(INFORMAL)To shoot sb and kill or seriously injure him\her.
HAND IN:To give sth to sb in authority.
I found a wallet and handed it in to the police.
She handed in her resignation.
HAND ON:To send or give sth to another person.
When you have read the article, please hand it on to Pınar.
HAND OUT:To give sth to many people in a group.
Food was handed out to the starving people.
HAND OVER:Surrender authority or respobsibility to another.
The Outgoing Minister handed over his department to his successor.
HAND ROUND:To give or show to each person present.
The hostess handed round coffee and cakes.
HANG ABOUT/AROUND:To stay in or near a place not doing very much.
I really hate hanging around in airports.
HANG BACK:To show unwillingness to act.
Everyone approved off the scheme but when we asked for volunteers, they all hung back.
HANG STH OUT:To put washing, etc. on a clothesline, so that it, car dry.
HAVE(GOT)STH ON:1-)To be wearing sth.
She’s got a green jumper on.
What did the man on?
2-)(infomal)To have an arrangement to do sth.
I have got nothing on, on Monday.
HEAD FOR:To move towards a place. I think it’s time to head for home.
HEAD FROM SB:To receive a letter, telephone call, etc… from sb.
HELP(SB)OUT:To help sb in a difficult situation or to give money to help sb.
My parents have promised to help us out with buying the car.
HEM SB IN:To surround sb and prevent him/her from moving away.
We were hemmed in by the crowd and couldn’t leave.
HINGE ON STH:To depend on sth.
The future of the project hinges on the meeting today.
HIT BACK:To attack(with words)sb who attacked you.
The Prime Minister of Türkiye hit back at his crities.
Operator:Mr.Çevik’s line is engaged, will you hold on please?
Hold on! I’ll be with you in a minute.
HOLD OUT:Resist, survive.
Although they hadn’t eaten or slept for a week the regiment held out for three more days.Because they were Turks.
HOLD UP:Rob(using weapons)
Three masked men with pistols held up a bank yesterday.
HOLD OFF:Keep at distance, stay away.
The rain fortunately held off till after the school sports day.
HOOK(SB)UP:To link one television station with another.
The TRT is hooked up with NTV.
HOT UP:(informal)To become more exciting, with more things happening.
The election compaign has really hotted up in the past few days.
HURRY UP:(informal)To move or do sth quickly.
Hurry up, or we’ll miss the train.
HUSH STH UP:To stop people knowing about sth;to keep sth secret.
The police managed to hush up the whole affair.
ICE OVER:To cover become covered with ice.
The windscreen of the car had iced over in the night.
IDENTIFY WITH SB:To feel that you undersand and share what sb else is feeling.
I found it hard to identify with the woman in the film.
INQUIRE AFTER SB:To ask about sb’s health.
JOIN IN:To take a part in an activity.
She wouldn’t join in when everbody else playing basketball.
JOIN UP:To become a member of the army, navy or air force.
When the war was declared he joined up first.
JOT STH DOWN:To make a quick short note of sth.
Let me jot down your address.
JUMP AT STH:To accept an opportunity, offer,etc eagerly.
They asked me if I’d like to go on holiday with them and jumped at it.
JUT OUT:To stand out from sth.
Rocks that jut out into the sea.
KEEL OVER:To fall over sideways.
Several people keeled over in the heat.
KEEP STH DOWN:To make sth remain at a low level, to stop sth increasing.
Keep of your voice down.
The government is trying to keep prices down.
KEEP OFF STH:Not approach or go on sth.
Keep off the grass!
KEEP ON:To continue doing sth.
He keeps on interrupting me.
KEEP OUT:Not enter sth.
The sign said “Danger!Keep out!”
KEEP UP:To move at the same speed as sb.
Can’t you walk a bit slower?I can’t keep up.
KEEP UP:To know about what is happening.
You have to read the latest magazines if you want to keep up.
KICK OFF:To start a game of football.
KNOCK ABOUT/AROUND:(informal)To be in a place.
I’m sure last week’s newspaper is knocking around here somewhere.
I spent a few months knocking around Europe before I went to the university.
KNOCK OFF(INFORMAL):To stop doing work, etc…
What time do you knocked off?
KNOCK SB OUT:1-)To hit sb so that he/she becomes unconscious or cannot get up again for a while.
The punch on the nose knocked him out.
KNOCK OVER:To cause sb/sth to fall over.
Be careful not to knock over the drinks.
LASH OUT:To suddenly attack with sb/sth.
When he came home drunk his wife lashed out at him.
LAUGH AT SB/STH:To show by laughing that you think sb/ath is funny.
The children laughed at the clown.
LEAD UP TO SB:To be an introduction to or cause of sth.
What were the events that led up to the first world war.?
Leave off making that noise.
LET ON:Reveal.
Don’t let on to anyone that we are going out.
LET OFF:Discharge.
It was new year’s evening and people were letting off fireworks in the street.
LET OFF:Allow someone to go unpunished.
As he had never been in trouble before the judge let him off with a warning.
You have apologized for breaking the window, so I’ll let you off this time.
I’m afarid your absence lets me in for a lot extra work.
Be careful!Don’t let yourself in for anything unpleasant.
LET UP:Relent, relax.
The storm started this morning and hasn’t let up all day.
We have almost finshed, don’t let up yet.
LET DOWN:Break a promise, cause disappointment.
He promised to meet me here at ten, but he has let me down again.
We have been partners for thirty years and have never let each other down.
LIVE STH DOWN:To make people forget sth bad or embarrassing that has happened to you.
They lost 10-nil?They’ll never live it down.
LIVE ON:To continue to live.
After his retirement he lived on for another 25 years.
Pir Sultan Abdal is dead, but his music lives on.
LIVE UP TO STH:To be as good as expected.
Children sometimes find it hard to live up to their parents’ expectations.
LOCK STH AWAY:To keep sth in a safe or secret place.
LOCK UP:Lock all the doors.
LOCK SB UP:To put sb in a prison.
All the prisoners are locked for the nights.
LOOK AFTER:Take care of.
Who looks after the baby while you’re away.
LOOK FOR:Try to find sth.
I’ve lost my watch. I must look for it.
LOOK INTO:Investigate.
The police look into all kinds of crime.
LOOK LIKE:Resemble.
Little Alper looks like her uncle.
LOOK ON:Watch without taking part.
Help me.Don’t just look like on while I’m trying to lift this sack.
LOOK OUT:Mind, be careful.
Look out for holes in the road surface.
LOOK TO:Expect from.
I’m the head so naturally the staff look to me for help and advice.
LOOK AHEAD:To think about or plan for the future.
Looking ahead a few years, there is going to be a shortage of skilled workers.
LOOK BACK:To think about sth in the past.
LOOK UP:To raise your eyes.
She looked up and smiled.
LOOK UP:To improve.
The computer online is looking up day by day.
MAKE FOR:Go(or come)towards.
This ship is making for Karşıyaka.
The mad dog made for me, so I made off.
MAKE UP:Use cosmetics.
Television actors have to make up very carefully.
MAKE UP:Fabricate, compose.
She knew she would be late, so she began making up her excuse.
Do you like song? I made it up myself.
MAKE UP INTO:We buy sugar in bulk and make it up into kilo packets before selling it.
MAKE UP FOR:Compesate for.
A few days holiday will make up for the extra work you did last week.
MAKE UP TO:Flatter, try to find favour(with).
The cat is making up to me, hoping to get more milk.
MAKE OFF WITH:Run away(with).
The thief made off with my wallet.
MAKE OUT:Discern,(by sight, by hearing, understanding)
He speaks so fast I can’t make out what he says.
Can you make out this word? It’s badly written.
MAKE OUT:Prepare an account, bill, cheque.
Make your cheque out to “ESER UMAN MUSIC CENTER”
MAKE OVER:Transfer property.
When my uncle retired he made the firm over to my cousin.
MAKE DO(WITH):Manage as well as one can(with).
There are no means of cooking anything today so please make do with a sandwich for lunch. MAKE UP ONE’S MIND:Decide, form a firm opinion.
I can’t give you an answer immediately, -I need a few days to make up my mind whether to say “yes, or no”.
MIX UP:Confuse.
He mixed up the addresses so that no one got the right letters.
Muck abo
MUCK ABOUT/AROUND:To behave in a silly way or to waste the time.
Stop mucking around and come and help me.
POINT OUT:To direct attenttion to sth. Indicate, show.
I’d like to point out that we haven’t got much time to play baskatball.
PUT STH ACROSS/OVER:To say sth clearly, so that people can understand it.
He didn’t put his ideas across very well at the meeting.
PUT BACK:To return sth to its place.
He put books back on the shelf.
PUT BACK:To change the time shown on a clock, etc.. to an earlier time.
We have put the clocks back tonigt.
PUT STH FORWARD: To change the time shown on a clock, etc to a later time.
We put the clocks in sprig.
PUT BY:Save, not spend.
I have put by a little money for my old age.
PUT OUT:Extinguish.
Please put out the light before you go to sleep.
PUT OUT:Embarrass.
The young man’s tactless questions put me out.
PUT OFF:Postpone.
We are very busy at the office, I must put off my holiday for a while.
PUT UP:Lodge, find a bed.
When I am in London I usually put up at my uncle’s house.
My uncle. puts me up in Havza.
PUT UP WITH:Bear, stand, endure, suffer.
He is very rude. I can’t put up with his bad manners.
Can you put up with the pain?My dentist asked me.
PUT OFF:Cause to dislike, repel.
It’s the smell that puts me off beer.
The title of the film put me off and I never went to see it.
REVEL IN DOING STH:To enjoy sth very much.
He likes being famous and revels in the attention he gets.
RIG STH UP:To make sth quickly.
We tried to rig up a shelter, using our rugs and coats.
RING BACK:To phone sb again.
RUN OUT OFF:Have no more.
We’ve run out of sugar so we can’t have tea today.
BE RUN DOWN:Weak, not well.
The doctor says I’m run down and need a holiday.
RUN DOWN:Speak ill of someone.
She’s always running someone down but never to anyone’s face.
STAND BY:Be present but take no action.
Would you sand by while someone set fire to your house?
STAND BY:Support someone.
Don’t be afraid to speak to the boss…we’ll all stand by you.
STAND BY:Be present in case one is needed.Act as reserve.
We shall need six men to sail the boat and to to stand by.
STAND FOR:signify, represent.
The leters U.N.O. stand for United Nations Organisation.
STAND FOR:Offer oneself as a candidate.
Is mr. Çevik standing for chairman? I shall stand for parliament next year.
SET ABOUT:Make a start.
M.Ali would like to join a club but doesn’t know how to set about it.
SET OFF:Ornament, embellish.
She wore a plain black hat set off with a little bunch of violets.
SET OUT:Display arrange in good order.
A shopkeeper sets out his goods to attract customers.
Public speakers and writers should seet out their points in logical sequence.
SET UP:Establish, form.
The government has set up a committee.
I should like to set up my own business.
TAKE AFTER:Be like resemble.
M.Ali takes after his father in character.
TAKE IN:Cheat, deceive.
You can’t take me in with your stories of green horses and castles in Spain.
TAKE ON:Engage.
Tell the champion I’ll take him on for $50000.
TAKE OFF:Leave the ground.
Aeroplanes take off and all day at this busy airport.
TAKE OFF:Imitate in order to ridicule.
Have you heard Alper taking off the Prime Minister?He is really funny.
TAKE TO:Feel a liking for.
I took to this country on my very first day here.
TAKE UP:Begin to occupy oneself with.
I must take up tennis again.
TAKE OVER:Replace, act in place of.
At ten o’clock M.Ali takes over from the captain.
The captain takes over again from ESER UMAN in the morning.
TURN OUT:Result.
I’ve never made a cake before but this one has turned out very well.
Don’t worry, eveything will turn out all right.
TURN OUT :Produce.
Our factory turns out five hundred cars eveyday.
TURN OUT:Clothe, dress.
Mr.Çörüş always turns her children out very clear and tidy.
The manager turned down my request for a day off.
TURN UP:Appear when not expected.
We were surprised. Gökhan turned up at the party last night.
WEAR OUT:Wear until useless.
These old shoes are still very good. Perhaps I’ll never wear them out.
WORK OUT:Reckon.
How much is ¼ of 268?Work out the answer in your mind.
WORK OUT:Prepare.
Have you worked out a timetable for the gymnasium yet.
WRITE OFF:Declare it valueless.
Eser’s car was so badly damaged that the insurance company simply wrote it off.

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İnternetten Nasıl Para Kazanırım?

Öncelikle herkese merhabalar arkadaşlar. Ben unigar.com sitesi sahibi ve admini. Bu siteyi açmamdaki en büyük sebep üniversiteli arkadaşlarımın sohbet edebileceği, yorumlarda bulunabileceği, tartışabileceği bir ortam yaratmaktı. Şuan aktif üye olarak sıkıntımız var ama olsun. Bizi takip edenlerin olduğunu biliyorum. İnternetten para kazanmak isteyen bir çok arkadaşımız var. Peki diğer kişiler internetten para kazanıyor da ben nasıl kazanamıyorum? Az çok bu konularda bilgi vermeye çalışacağım.

Artık dünyada yapılan alışverişlerin çoğu sanal ortam üzerinden yapılıyor. Ülkemiz ise aslında daha açık bir pazar durumunda yani gelişmekte olan bir pazar. Örneğin, internet üzerinden online anketlere katılabilirsiniz. Yani anket yaparak para kazanabilirsiniz. Bunun dışında bir web sitesi ile de harikalar yaratabilirsiniz. Eğer bir websitesi hakkında yeterli bilginiz yok ise bize bu konu altından yazarak uygun fiyatlara web sitenizi yaptırabilirsiniz. Bizler bu konuda uzman arkadaş çevremiz ile sizlere yardımcı olmaktan mutluluk duyarız.

Bir web sitesi ile nasıl para kazanabilirsiniz? Web sitenizi belirli bir konu hakkında açar, daha sonra da google adsense gibi reklamlara başvurup tık başı ücretler kazanabilirsiniz. Bunun yanında sitenizin iyi duruma gelmesi halinde yani ziyaretçi kitlesinin hedeflendiği alanda yükselmeniz durumunda link satışları, banner satışları, reklam alım satımları yaparak da para kazanabilirsiniz.

Biz üniversiteliler blog sayfası olarak açtığımız sitemizde siz sevgili öğrencilerin sayesinde bu günlere geldik. Hedeflediğimiz kitleye şuan sahibiz. Bir nevi haber sitesi görevi de yapmaktayız sizler için.

Link piyasasının şuan için durgun oluşu ve ücretlerinin tatmin edici olmaması sebebiyle şuan için kazancımız güzel değil. Unutmayalım ki biz webmasterlar da bu siteyi kurarken büyük emekler harcıyoruz ve bazı bedeller için ücretler ödüyoruz. Web sitesi ile para kazanma yollarından az çok bahsetmeye çalıştım. Bunun yanında komisyon usulü ürün satabileceğiniz platformlar da mevcuttur. Örneğin amazon.com. Bir web sitesi açmanız yine burada büyük önem taşıyor. Bu web sitenize amazon.com şirketinin ürünlerini sergileyip sizin siteniz üzerinden alışveriş yapılarak %4 ile %7 arasında komisyonlar kazanabilirsiniz. Geçende arkadaşımla otururken bana bir amazon.com satış temsilcisinin ayda 55.000 dolar para kazandığını söyledi. Duyduğumda inanamadım ama zor bir şey de değil bu satışı yapmak.

İnternetten para kazanmanın bir diğer yolu da bayilikler alarak host, sunucu, domain gibi işlere yönelmek. Bu işler çok emek ister ama kazancı da bir o kadar iyidir. Domain işinden kastım şu. Örneğin arkadaşım geçende bilet.in domain adını 470 tl gibi bir fiyata sattı. Jenerik olması da bu fiyata gitmesine sebep oldu tabi. Ayrıca internet üzerinden gsm şirketlerine tl yükleme, fatura ödeme gibi işler yapmak da büyük getirisi olan işlerdir.

Bugün sizlere dilim döndüğünce netten para kazanma yollarından kısaca bahsettim. Diğer yazılarımızda farklı konularda bilgi vermek adına görüşmek üzere diyorum. Bizden ayrılmayın.

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Yunanca Bilmek Çince Kadar Değerli

Bugün sizlere bahsetmek istediğim bölüm yunan dili ve edebiyatı bölümüdür. Yunanca ilk olarak bakıldığında küçük bir dil gibi gözükebilir. Yani konuşulduğu çevreye göre bakarsak az sayıda kişi bu dili konuşuyor, gereksizdir demeyelim. Bu dili az kişi konuşuyor işte adı üstünde. Türkiye’ de de yunanca bilen ve yunan edebiyatı hakkında bilgisi olan çok az kişi var.

Yunancayı şuan için çince kadar değerli görüyorum. Bir dilci olarak yunanca öğrenmek en büyük isteklerimden biri. Yunanistan ilişkilerinde hala yunanca bilmeyen kişiler olduğu için iletişimde zorlanıyoruz. İş alanları biraz kısıtlı. Ama iş garantisi kesinlikle var diyebiliriz.

Yunan dili ve edebiyatını seçmek isteyenler bir an bile düşünmesinler. YDS puanınıza göre tabi İngilizce, Almanca vs. diller de çok önem arz eder. Fakat farklı olan ve farklılık yaratan kişi her zaman daha avantajlıdır. Bunu unutmayalım. Herkesin gittiği yoldan gitmek bir şey kazandırmaz. Yunanca çok zor da bir dil değil. Öğrenilebilir derecededir. Yani bir Çince gibi çok daha farklı bir alfabeye sahip değildir. Grameri de kolaydır.

Tek ol, başarılı ol. O yol senden sorulsun.

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Yabancı Dil Nasıl Daha Çabuk Öğrenilir?

Yabancı dil öğrenmek veya biz şuna şöyle diyelim yabancı dil öğrenmek zorunda olmak şuan dünyanın değişmez öğesidir. Globalleşme yani küreselleşme adı altında dünyamızda ülkeler arası sınırlar kalkıyor. Bu yüzden her gün yabancı biriyle karşılaşmak mümkün. O kişiyle anlaşabilmeniz için de onun konuştuğu dili önce siz bilmek zorundasınız. Ülkenizde misafir olan odur çünkü.

Zorunlu hale gelen bu dil öğrenme, okullarda, dershanelerde, özel dersler ile gibi seçeneklerle öğrenilebilir. Tabi bu karşı tarafın da ne kadar donanımlı olduğuna ve en önemlisi bilgiyi aktarabilmesine bağlıdır.

Yabancı dil öğrenirken şuna dikkat etmeliyiz;

  • Önce az bir gramer bilgisi daha sonra sadece kelime bilmek ve konuşmak üzerine yoğunlaşılmalıdır.
  • Gramer bilginiz çok yüksek olabilir fakat kelime bilginiz yoksa karşıdakinin ne dediğini anlamaz ve cevap veremezsiniz.
  • Sertifika veren işletmeler şu günlerde göze çarpıyor.
  • İşletmenin ayağına gidemiyorsanız online olarak verilen dersler ve sonucunda yapılan online sınavlarla da sertifikanızı alabilirsiniz.
  • Dil bilmek, öğrenmek isteyenler için önereceğim diller yunanca, arapça, almanca, çince ve japoncadır.
  • İngilizce bilmek şu an itibariyle bir katkı sağlamaz.
  • Ama saydığım şu dilleri biliyorsanız sizler de birer bireysiniz demektir.
  • Evde oturduğunuz yerde de dil öğrenmeniz mümkün.
  • Youtube üzerinden çok fazla dil öğrenme videoları mevcut.
  • Bunun yanı sıra mobil uygulamalar aracılığı ile de dil öğrenebilirsiniz.
  • özel dil öğretici pratik yapılabilen mobil uygulamalar sayesinde sanki karşınızda gerçek biri varmış gibi robot mekanizmasıyla sohbet ederek dilinizi geliştirmeniz, katkı sağlamanız mümkün.
  • Bu saydığımız her şeyi evde gerçekleştirmeniz mümkün.
  • Tinder, Happn, Bumble, Hinge vs. gibi özel arkadaşlık uygulamaları üzerinden eşleşeceğiniz kişilerle yabancı dillerde konuşmanız olasıdır.

Üniversite paylaşım bloğu olarak sizlere bazı bilgileri sunmaya çalışıyoruz. Siz de yorum yaparak aramıza katılabilir, gerekli bilgileri daha detaylı bir şekilde öğrenebilirsiniz.

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Anestezi Bölümü Olan Üniversiteler

Ülkemizde bir çok üniversite kuruldu ancak asıl olarak eskiye dayanarak baktığımızda anestezi bölümü olan üniversitelerin çokluğu pek söylenemez. Bu bölüm yüksek okullarda geçen bir bölüm. 2 yıllıktır. Anestezi teknisyenliği 2 yıllıktır, yanlış olmasın. Anestezi doktorluğu bildiğiniz tıp fakültesinde 6 sene okumanızı gerektirir. Anestezi uzmanı olmak ise 4 yıllıktır ve 2 sene okuduktan sonra DGS (Dikey Geçiş Sınavı) ile 4 yıllığa tamamlanarak elde edilir.  Veyahut direkt 4 yıllık anestezi uzmanlığını kazanmış olmalısınız.

anestezi teknikeri, anestezi bölümü, anestezi bölümü nedir, 2 yıllık anestezi, anestezi olan üniversiteler, anestezi bölümü üniversite

– Ankara Üniversitesi Dikimevi Sağlık Hizmetleri MYO,
– Atatürk Üniversitesi (Erzurum) Sağlık Hizmetleri MYO.,
– Cumhuriyet Üniversitesi (Sivas) Sağlık Hizmetleri MYO.,
– Çukurova Üniversitesi (Adana) Sağlık Hizmetleri MYO.,
– Dicle Üniversitesi (Diyarbakır) Sağlık Hizmetleri MYO.,
– Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi (İzmir) Sağlık Hizmetleri MYO.,
– Ege Üniversitesi (İzmir) Atatürk Sağlık Hizmetleri MYO.,
– Erciyes Üniversitesi (Kayseri)Halil Bayraktar Sağlık Hizmetleri MYO.,
– Fırat Üniversitesi (Elazığ) Sağlık Hizmetleri MYO.,
– Hacettepe Üniversitesi (Ankara) Sağlık Hizmetleri MYO.,
– Kadir Has Üniversitesi (İstanbul)Sağlık Bilimleri MYO.
– Marmara Üniversitesi (İstanbul) Sağlık Hizmetleri MYO.,
– Ondokuz Mayıs Üniversitesi (Samsun) Sağlık Hizmetleri MYO.,
– Pamukkale Üniversitesi (Denizli) Sağlık Hizmetleri MYO.,
– Trakya Üniversitesi (Edirne) Sağlık Hizmetleri MYO.,
– Yüzüncü Yıl Üniversitesi (Van) Sağlık Hizmetleri MYO

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Yabancı Dillerde Seni Seviyorum Nasıl Denir?

Yabancı dillerde seni seviyorum demek her daim kulağa hoş gelmiştir. Yurtdışında seyahatlere gidenler için yine seni seviyorum cümlesi çok özeldir ve güzeldir. İngilizce ile başlayan ve Arapça ile biten cümlelere bakabilirsiniz.

İngilizce: I love you

Almanca Seni Seviyorum: Ich liebe dich

Fransızca Seni Seviyorum: Je t’aime

Rusça Seni Seviyorum: Ya tebya lubliu

Japonca Seni Seviyorum: Kimi o ai shiteru

İtalyanca Seni Seviyorum: Ti amo

Afrika Seni Seviyorum: Ek Het Jon Leef

İspanyolca Seni Seviyorum: E’Estimo

Kantoca Seni Seviyorum: Ngor Oi Ley

Fince Seni Seviyorum: Mina Rakastan Sinua

Klasik Yunanca Seni Seviyorum: Se Erotao

İbranice Seni Seviyorum: Ani Ohev Otach

Hintçe Seni Seviyorum: Mai Tumaha Pyar Karta Hu

Litvanyaca Seni Seviyorum: As Tave Myliu

Lehçe Seni Seviyorum: Kocham Cie

Portekizce Seni Seviyorum: Eu Te Amo

Rumence Seni Seviyorum: Te İubesch

İsveççe Seni Seviyorum: Jag Alkskar Dig

Arapça Seni Seviyorum: Ana behibek

Seni seviyorum demek her dilde gerçekten etkileyici bir okunuşa ve yazılışa sahip. İngilizce nasıl yazılır diyenler ise çoğunlukta yer alıyor. I love you dünya dilleri arasında çok fazla yer almıştır sağda solda.

Kpss Ders Notları – İkinci Balkan Savaşı

İkinci Balkan Savaşı, Balkan devletlerinin Bulgaristan’a saldırmasıyla başlamıştır. Bulgaristan Ege Denizinde güçlü olmasını çekemeyen diğer balkan devletleri bu savaşı çıkarmış Osmanlı Devleti bu savaştan karlı çıkmıştır. Karmaşadan yararlanan Osmanlı Edirne ve Kırklareli ‘yi geri almış sınırını Meriç nehrine kadar uzatmıştır. Savaşlar sonucunda…

Notun geri kalanı aşağıda ekte belirtilmiştir.

ikinci Balkan Savaşı Ders Notu

Hukuk 2. Sınıf Borçlar Hukuku Ders Notları

Hukuk bölümü okuyan arkadaşlarımız için 2. sınıf borçlar hukuku dersinin notlarına buradan ulaşabilirsiniz. Hukukçulara biraz da olsa katkımız olsun istiyoruz.

Alttaki yazıya tıklayın.

borçlar hukuku ders notu